Tube Gastrotomy

Tube gastrotomy is relatively fast and easy to perform. It provides a means of decompression of the stomach post-bloat, and forms adhesions that hold the stomach to the abdominal wall, thus preventing rotation. There are several potential complications from this type of procedure including: premature detachment of the tube, generalized peritonitis or cellulitis associated with leakage of gastric contents, persistent stoma or fistula . Post operative care is greater for this technique. Tube gastrotomy involves placement of a Foley catheter through an incision in the abdominal wall and then through an incision into the stomach lumen. Stay sutures are placed to hold the stomach to the abdominal wall (Fig 3). The tube is left in place for 7-10 days allowing adhesions to form between the stomach and abdominal wall. The tube is then pulled, and the stoma (or hole) gradually contracts and closes